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Broad Studios is a multidisciplinary female art collective in Austin, TX that aims to elevate womxn artists and educators in our community through workshops, events, and collaboration.



Meet the Broad Squad

While each of us have a committed practice and a dedicated workspace, we collectively made the decision to unite under one roof for three purposes: to hold each other accountable to our work, to challenge each other’s practices to grow, and to work together to share and promote that mission for others. We have a broad range of talents and work in many mediums.



Ellen Bruxvoort

When Ellen returned from an organic produce farm in Hawaii in 2014, she turned to weaving as a new creative outlet and pursued it for 3 years before making it her full-time job.

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Emily eisenhart

Emily Eisenhart

After studying Cultural Anthropology in Chicago, Emily moved to San Francisco where she designed for IDEO by day and by night, she painted murals. After six years in the Bay Area, Emily moved to Austin and never looked back.

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Genna Williams Ceramics

Genna Williams

After graduating from SCAD, Genna moved to Austin and started building her very own ceramics studio as an escape from her hum-drum day job.

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SHE ceramics

Hallie Shafer

When not teaching art at a local public school, Hallie spends her time packing as much life as possible into basic everyday objects.

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karacotta ceramics

Kara Pendl

Kara is a mostly self-taught potter, with early instruction from a high school art class, a hobby exploration in 2011, and a lifetime of creative curiosity. 

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Silk Diaries

Kylee Barnard

Recalling the comfort Kylee felt from her silk trimmed blanket as a baby, she utilized her passion for self-expression and color theory to create a brand of silk products that shine light on the issues women face in the workplace.

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Springdale General


Our studio is a 1600 square foot open floor plan at Springdale General in East Austin! We split the space between our five resident artists and have a community workshop area, private bathroom, and kitchenette. On a day-to-day basis, our studio is a closed working space with retail by appointment, but we open our space to the public for events, pop-ups, and our wide array of craft-based workshops, which can all be viewed on our workshops and events pages!

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